The Bingo America Game Show and Bingo Online

Everyone loves Bingo and that’s why Bingo America has become a popular game show on the GSN. The game involves two contestants who try to win up to $100,000. Instead of following the traditional version of Bingo, players have to answer questions in order to earn the amount of dollars that the ball represents. The ball is numbered from 1-75 and features one of the letters of BINGO.

When a player has answered enough questions and has been able to spell out the word BINGO, they win. The players will go back and forth getting a ball out of the hopper in the hopes of spelling BINGO before their opponent. In the event that a player answers incorrectly, the money goes right to the other player in the 50/50 round. There is also a five-question tie breaker if both players are tied when they finish the two games.


After one player wins, there is the chance to go on and play the Bingo Bonus Board. The game is truly interactive because people at home can play along. GSN features printable Bingo sheets on the website and at-home players can win cash, too.

The fun of BINGO can be played with Jackpotjoy, too. Players are able to go to the online casino and play BINGO in an online format with a variety of ways to win. This has been a celebrated game throughout the UK because Super Snap gives players the opportunity to win in as many as 5 different ways.

It all starts with players purchasing game cards. Up to five hands per game can be purchased and the cost is only £1 to get started. The hand will be revealed and prizes can be won. Instant cash prizes can be provided when there are two pairs, three of a kind, a full house and more. This determines what the multiplier of the card is. In the event of a Straight Royal Flush, a player wins 250 times the card prize.

There’s always the chance of winning the Lucky Charm Jackpot as well. This is where a hand has to match the word SNAP! This is a fast paced game where a lot of money can be won. The game is completely interactive and allows players to feel the same anticipation as is felt with the real BINGO game.

While the game show may be an American game show, throughout the UK, the game of Bingo is just as popular. Jackpotjoy’s Snap Bingo is really the only game to play because of the many options available to try and win cash. Many people are hooked on it as it provides not only entertainment but the opportunity to try and win cash.

Playing BINGO online is possible at all hours of the day and night, while Bingo America only plays a few times a week on the GSN, making it harder to be able to play and win at one’s will.


Bingo is having an increasing presence inside the online casino room as more and more people are taking to the popular numbers game.

The game of bingo has always been attractive to a wide range of age groups and both sexes because it is so easy to play. It is based on chance so no skill is required to take part. Everybody who is involved in a draw has an equal chance of being successful so nobody fears being at a disadvantage.

There are different forms of bingo but in the standard game you receive a card and you are required to match your numbers from the draw in order to pick up a prize. There is often more than one prize up for grabs, for example there may be a cash return given for the first person to match a line on their card, while the jackpot is given to the participant who hits all their numbers first, also known as a full house.

In other forms of bingo you are required to match 15 numbers in as few balls possible to win a prize. At the start of your game you will choose the stake you will like to play with on your card and this determines the paytable that is available to you. Of course the higher you play with, the more you can potentially win. 75 balls are drawn from the machine which host 90 in total, ranging from 1-90. If you manage to hit them all in under 40 balls, you win the top prize in the game. There are returns given out all the way up to 75 though so you still have an interest even if you miss out on the jackpot, something that is always a bonus!

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